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These general terms and conditions apply to your purchases on, and your use of, the website The terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you and “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” ,the company under the trade name «To AsimenioKouti» based in Cyprus.By making a purchase on, and using this website, you agree to the following terms. We, therefore, ask you to read the terms and conditions carefully prior to using our site.


Once we have received an order from you, we will send an electronic confirmation/invoice to your email address as a confirmation of your purchase. It is therefore important that you enter the correct e-mail address when placing an order. We recommend that you save the confirmation as a reference for any future contact with our customer service. The confirmation also serves as your receipt of the purchase.

Shipment and delivery

“TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” handles and delivers your order as soon as possible. “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” cannot be held liable for deliveries that go over the specified delivery times for the selected delivery method. The specified delivery times cannot be shortened by contacting our customer service. We always do our utmost to keep delivery times as short as possible. Your order is processed immediately after it has been received in our system. NOTE: Customs and VAT are not included outside the EU.

Can “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” send my orders in one delivery?

We handle and deliver a large number of orders. All orders are processed separately by order number and can therefore not be combined. At “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” , we kindly ask for your understanding as we are unable to search through orders to combine them in one delivery.


To shop with “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” on credit, you must be 18 years of age or have permission from a parental guardian.

The shipment and your responsibility

If you wish to check the status of your shipment, please contact us at and respond to the questions for us to assist you. As the customer, you are responsible to ensure that the address and user data provided are correct. “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” is not responsible for situations where the shipment has been returned to “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” due to incorrect information being provided. In these cases, we will contact you for reimbursement of the additional shipping costs incurred.

Exchanges and returns

“TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” offers15 days' full refund. Please note: engraved products can not be returned.

Returned products must be properly packaged so as not to be damaged during transport.

To be accepted the return must:

  • The product has not been worn
  • No signs of wear or damage
  • It is in the purchase package
  • Proof of purchase included

Changes and returns on special orders are not made. Returned items are priced according to their purchase receipt.

Shipping costs for change or return are borne by the customer.

Hygiene products & Sealed bags

Products with sealed bags can not have broken seals when returned. In case of broken seals, no repayment or replacement rights apply. (earrings are an example of sealed products) If your return gets denied the product will be sent back to you, freight costs will be charged. Full refund applies only if the product has not been used and its conditions are like new. You have the right to exchange your product for another at the same price, at a lower price, or to get your money back. In cases where the product has been used, “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” is entitled to establish a deduction amount for the decline in value, or to deny the return. The right of cancellation does not apply to sales products.

Return or Exchange

How to return or exchange a product?

Contact for a full explanation of the process to follow.

Fair use of the return policy

If there are reasonable motives to suspect that a customer is abusing the return policy in an unsustainable way, “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” has the right to cancel ongoing orders and/or pause the customer from future purchases. Please note that the policy only applies to cases where the behaviour is systematic and can thus not be applied to random or individual cases. Example of these cases would be resale of products ordered, unsustainable and excessive buying behaviour or fraud.


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“TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” reserves the right to cancel an order, without further notice. “TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” reserves the right for any image or text errors on the website, such as errors in description, technical specifications, prices and price adjustments. In case of incorrect price for a product you have ordered, we strive to notify you and wait for your approval of a corrected price before continuing the processing of the order.

Force majeure

“TO ASIMENIO KOUTI” shall be relieved from damages and other penalties if the performance of the agreement is hindered, obstructed or delayed by any circumstance beyond our control. A relieved circumstance could be government intervention, new/amended legislation, failing to obtain permissions, war, fire, flood, labour market disruption, prohibition, restriction, sabotage, unfavourable transport or weather conditions or non-deliveries from subcontractors, and any criminal activity to which the company is exposed, and which affects its operations.


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