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Silver 925 Rosette Opal Earrings. Blue Opal. Diameter 8mm...
Ex Tax:€20.17
Double chain with zircon highlight drops mounted. Rose Silver 925...
Ex Tax:€23.53
Silver 925, Drops Earrings with Black Stones...
Ex Tax:€31.93
Rose gold plated Silver 925, Drops Earrings with zircon...
Ex Tax:€63.03
Silver 925 Drops Earrings. Diameter 17mm, Height 32mm...
Ex Tax:€14.29
Silver 925 Stud Earrings with Marble...
Ex Tax:€11.76
Silver 925 Engraved Hoops Earrings. The diameter of the hoops is 23mm...
Ex Tax:€15.13
Gold plated Silver 925, Earrings Dangling with cicles...
Ex Tax:€21.85
Gold plated Silver 925 Earrings with circle with cross..
Ex Tax:€22.69
Gold plated Silver 925 Hoops Earrings. Diameter 52mm...
Ex Tax:€26.89
Gold plated Silver 925 small Hoops with Butterfly and zircon...
Ex Tax:€23.53
Gold plated Silver 925 hoops earrings with zircon and internally zircon. Diameter 24mm and inside 19mm...
Ex Tax:€30.25
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